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1. Aircraft acquisition and management


2. Liaison work with government departments and DGCA in the field of Aviation


3. Aircraft, registration, Licensing and Clearances


4. Thrust Aviation Services offers a range of services in the field of consultancy. Whether it is setting up a private airport, a flying training collage, AME School, liaison work with the DGCA /government organizations or starting a regional airline, Thrust Aviation has the right expertise and experience to make your project a success. For individuals and corporate houses looking to buy a private aircraft, Thrust Aviation offers personalized service to ensure that needs of our clients are met with utmost professionalism.



Flight Clearances


Thrust Aviation Services Pvt. Ltd. is cleared by the Ministry of Home Affairs through the DGCA to apply & obtain Non-Schedule Flight Clearances from the DGCA & Ministry of Defence on behalf of Non-Schedule Air Transport Operators & Private Aircraft Operators. We take care of all your requirements pertaining to flight clearances with utmost efficiency and professionalism.



Aero-sports Activities


Thrust Aviation has a mission to promote aero sports and general aviation activities in India. The founder of the company Gp. Capt. Anil Thapar is one of the few DGCA authorized examiners for Microlight Aircrafts in India. Thrust Aviation provides various Aero sports activities, such as microlight flying, paramotors, powered parachutes, skydiving and hot air ballooning. Thrust Aviation also gives you a chance to own a small aircraft such as a microlight or a paramotor for the price of a family sedan without the hassle of worrying about maintenance, parking and spare parts.



Aerial Advertising, Photography and surveys


We are geared up to undertake the projects related to Aerial Photography & Aerial surveys. We are equipped to take up the projects on consultancy basis or on full service basis, depending upon the requirement of the client. Contact us and discuss your specific need and we shall be available with appropriate options and solutions. The scope for aerial advertising is diverse and large. However, it has been a field that has not been explored much other than halogen balloons/ blimps. We offer various other kinds of aerial advertising whose impact and coverage attracts a lot of attention and serves as a excellent advertising medium.



Aircraft Charter


Whether you are a large or small organization or a individual, Thrust Aviation Services provides you with private aircrafts for hire to meet every budget need. From helicopters to private jets or turbo prop planes, weather you are moving in a small group or large we have just the aircraft to meet your needs. Thrust Aviation insures the highest level of comfort, safety and professionalism when providing private aircraft charters to its clients.



Special Events


Would you like a personalized air show arranged for you or your corporate clients! From private fly pasts to flower dropping and aero stunts at events and marriages; Thrust aviation for the first time in the country has bought the thrilling experience of flying and all that comes with it to your door step. Whether you are an event management firm, a large corporate house or an individual looking to add real excitement you your party, event, product launch or marriage Thrust Aviation offers just what you are looking for. From exciting ribbon shows preformed in air by our skilled pilots using a paramotor or flower dropping over a event Thrust Aviation will provide you what no other aviation, advertising or event management firm can; pure entertainment and distinctive product differentiation that hits the message home! Contact us today to see how we can make your gathering or event a memorable one.